2017 Specific Purpose Tax Information Guide – The Laramie County Combined Communications Center, Cheyenne

The Laramie County Combined Communications Center, Cheyenne – Laramie County Health Department, Cheyenne- Laramie County Emergency Management Agency and the Laramie County Information Technology Department is pleased to have this opportunity to inform you about the project on the Specific Purpose Sales and use Tax. These propositions are intended to benefit the county in preparedness and response in all emergency situations, in turn enhancing the capabilities of emergency responders and giving added safety to the citizens of Laramie County. We are dedicated to the well-being of Laramie County and by implementing the projects the county will be able to coordinate and communicate more effectively. We value your consideration for the upcoming Specific Purpose Sales and Use Tax.

Proposition 6 section E, $3,500,000 to Laramie County for the purchase, operation and maintenance of radio towers and radio equipment improving Laramie County radio coverage. Our current radio system was built in stages throughout the past 50 years to address specific areas that lacked radio coverage for our first responders. Radio coverage is good in the heavily populated areas of the City and County. However, the population has grown and expanded to rural areas that lack radio communications to meet the requirements of our fire, medical and law enforcement first responders. Rural portions of eastern and western Laramie County in the areas of Burns, Albin, Carpenter and Harriman have minimal radio coverage. First responders have reduced communications with each other and the dispatch center when using their mobile or portable radios. Laramie County would like the citizens to support the installation of new radio towers and radio equipment to expand the radio system to improve radio communications and the safety of our first responders.

Proposition 7 section E, $1,000,000 to Laramie County for emergency services storage and medication distribution facility for Emergency Management and the Cheyenne – Laramie County Health Department. We are asking your consideration of 6th penny funding to secure warehouse space to store Bio-Terrorism equipment and supplies. In the event of a Bio-Terrorism attack, a Strategic National Stockpile request to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would be made. This request would generate the delivery of medical countermeasures to be dispensed to Laramie County residents within a 36 hour period. Given the scope of such operations, the Cheyenne Laramie County Health Department has purchased a substantial amount of equipment and supplies that must be protected from the elements in a climate controlled facility. This equipment is used to set up several points of distribution within the county under a controlled and secure environment. The Health Department equipment along with other response equipment used by all emergency services in Cheyenne and Laramie County is stored in a secure facility and ready to be deployed at a moments notice but not used every day; Incident command vehicles, off road emergency medical vehicles and mobile communications assets are necessary equipment we must protect for emergency response. This facility also houses equipment for trained response teams, arson investigation, sheltering operations and equipment used to fight large wildland fires as well as flood response equipment.

Proposition 9 Section B. $3,000,000 to Laramie County to enhance computer based technology that will allow city fire, county fire districts and county emergency medical services to operate on the same computer system as the city police department, county sheriff's office and the Combined Communications Center-911 dispatch. The addition of these technologies with help create an integrated solution that will provide for enhanced public safety. With the addition of the new software and hardware, all public safety agencies will be using the same technology reducing costs, allowing for sharing of information between agencies, and provide a more complete and cohesive solution to all agencies. By adding mobile data terminals to fire and medical vehicles, personnel will be able to view building plans, send and receive status updates to Combined Dispatch and other public safety vehicles and personnel. Fire and ambulance services will be able to see and respond to calls for service. The addition of an Automatic Vehicle Locator system will allow Laramie County Combined Communications Center and other public safety agencies to see and manage assets all in real time. This will also let public safety personnel and first responders know how far away their backup is and when to expect them. What all this means to the residents of the City of Cheyenne and Laramie County is a more efficient and cohesive public safety solution that is integrated among all critical agencies, providing enhanced public safety for all citizens.

Glen Crumpton is the Director of the Combined Communications Center.

John Kelley directs the Bio-Terrorism\Cities Readiness programs with the Cheyenne – Laramie County Health Department.

Rob Cleveland is the Director of the Cheyenne / Laramie County Emergency Management agency.

Rick Fortney is the Director of the Laramie County Information Technology department.

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